Sunday, 23 January 2011


Friday was an OK day except that I didn’t get any exercise – gym or walking. I wasn’t feeling my best (strangely bloated and tired all day) and wasn’t in the greatest mood, so I fell into bed early instead of blogging – sorry guys!

Yesterday was better. I managed to fit in a walk into town and enjoyed it despite sub-zero temperatures. However, after planning a ‘breakfast like a king’ kind of day I ended up being tempted into a pizza for dinner – oops! But yummy….

This morning I was planning to walk into Chepstow but decided it was possibly a bad idea given that I’ve had some uncomfortable ankle issues lately. Of course I didn’t go so far as to not walk, but I just went for the short 4mile walk rather than the nearly ten-mile walk – and by the time I got home I was very very glad I’d done so. The temperature was up to 8 degrees; the ground was sloppy and slippery and walking was a bit harder work, so my ankle did start protesting vociferously, and I was very glad to get into my comfy slippers when I got home!


My comfy slippers – yes, really! What can I say, I’m exploring my really childish side!!!

Food for the last few days:

Breakfasts: One boring bowl of All Bran that went un-photographed.


This last waffle contains a lot of cottage cheese and a little strawberry whey powder – yum!!!


Friday: Slow cooked chicken vegetable soup (un-photographed).






Snacks: On Friday I had a second breakfast of fruit salad with Greek yoghurt and some mixed cereals; yesterday I went with a pack of salt and vinegar Snack-a-Jack mini rice cakes on my walk. Today I went for a small bowl of All bran with peaches and a Vanilla Honeycomb protein bar.

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  1. vanilla honeycomb protein bar sounds INTRIGUING!!!