Sunday, 16 January 2011

Weekend ramblings

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was distracted! M’s mother and father took us out for a lunch at a great local Indian restaurant, and after that I fell into relaxation mode a bit. I do confess that in the morning, knowing that was coming, I started out planning to eat as healthily as possible and ended up bingeing somewhat on my mini rum cakes (that had been nestling in the freezer since before Christmas) in anticipation, and when it came to the lunch I resisted poppadoms & a starter, but had a lamb curry (with plain rice, not pilau / fried) with a rich sauce, followed by a dessert…

Since I last posted I’ve watched 3 movies I thought I’d mention… On Friday evening we watched The Book of Eli, yesterday we saw Sex & The City 2, and this afternoon, well after everyone else alive, we saw The Blind Side.

I enjoyed them all, though obviously for very different reasons. Eli was well written, well-acted, starred Denzel Washington (need I say more?) and was kind of depressing… OK, a positive spin at the end, but you can’t call it a feel-good movie. Sex and the City I had very very low expectations of after all the panning they got from the critics, but it was enjoyable rubbish and I think the critics were taking it way too seriously… but best of the three was The Blind Side. I added it to our Lovefilm rental list after reading a few positive reviews on blogs. I don’t know anything about American football and have no interest in sport of any kind, but I do like Sandra Bullock… even so, I more than half expected to turn it off after half an hour as ‘just not my thing’ Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved it!!! What a great cast!!! What a great message! What an amazing story (and the fact that it was based on a true story makes it even better!) I loved the guy playing Michael to bits, and spent the whole movie annoyingly repeating ‘he’s lovely’, ‘he’s adorable’ and similarly inane comments. I’m still smiling Winking smile

I didn’t use the gym today or yesterday because the rain held off, and you all know that when that happens, the fields and roads around me become my gym Winking smile. However my plan wasn’t to gym it every day, but to be active every day, so the walk I took yesterday after lunch, and the one this morning, mean I’m now 4 for 4!!! (BTW, feel sorry for the teenagers around me… As I walked to town along a damp abandoned railway yesterday I saw a young couple reclining on the side of the cutting, in the mud, to be alone…… awww, sweet!!!)

Food Saturday:

Breakfast: Pumpkin-oat waffle with cottage cheese (it went brown when I mixed in a huge dollop of unsweetened apple sauce, so don’t go thinking I eat mouldy cheese) & blueberries'.P1100063

Lunch: Lamb Rogon with boiled rice (* 1.5)


And an apple & blackberry crumble (hey, its fruit, it’s healthy!!! What???)


Dinner: Eventually I had a bowl of slow cooker corn chowder and a slice of Latvian bread, just because it was possible I might wake up hungry in the middle of the night.


Snacks: Lets not talk about that, ‘K?

Food today:

Breakfast: 1 pumpkin oat waffle, one cottage cheese waffle, with fat free Greek yoghurt and blueberries, spread with a little more apple sauce & sprinkled with seeds.


Lunch: Corn chowder and half a hard-boiled egg sandwich


Dinner: Couldn’t think of anything I wanted….  so, the other half of the egg sandwich, and some kale chips!!! (addicted to these right now for some reason…)


Snacks: All bran with peaches and a few more rum cake-lets (to finish them off)

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