Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Forget what I said about maybe changing my happy weight to my current level. I feel huge right now and there's no way I want to stay this way. Unfortunately I think winter is inspiring my body to enter hibernation - it wants no exercise and lots of eating! I will overcome it though.. Somehow..

Food today:

Breakfast: massive bowl of oats (Oatso Simple Winter Pudding flavour) with whey & psyllium husks.


Lunch: I decided to experiment with bringing hot soup in a flask - chicken & vegetable. It stayed hot but was rubbish - I must have left in the freezer for too long - so I picked out a few edible bits, binned the rest & bought a 250cal chicken salad sandwich from the canteen at work.

Dinner: More soup – chicken & vegetable again - with added protein (and flavour!) in the form of sausage casserole.  Much better!!!


Snacks: Apple; satsuma; protein water

No weigh in today - or any day until I stop feeling like such a great heffalump


  1. I'm loving soups at the moment! I have to admit, I'm rubbish in the kitchen, so my favourite 'cheat' is a tin of Amy's lentil soup (got mine in Waitrose) with added broad beans and veg. Sort of an instant veggie stew! *embarrassed at my lack of cooking skills*

  2. I'm new to this ..just started blogging - I hope, like you to find inspiration from the blogs of others
    Nice to come across a fellow Uk blogger