Saturday, 8 January 2011

Two for One

Yesterday’s training was less interesting – going through specific company data rather than learning new skills. Luckily it finished early, and I was home by about 2:30 – yay!!!

My day started out very wet – it was pouring with rain when I got up. As we had been forecast heavy rain overnight, I’m glad it chose to rain instead even if that did make the ground sodden around here. I got to Bedminster early and walked around a bit before the training course started, but with an umbrella up, my backpack on, and the back of my knees getting wet, it was less fun than the other days! The course is over now though, so I’ll be back to trying to persuade myself to train before or after work next week.

Today I walked into town over soggy fields, bringing back large quantities of mud with me.


Walking was precarious, and I slipped and slid around all over the place, but I met a nice friendly dog (called Tiger. I grew up with a cat called Tiger, but never came across a dog by that name!!!) who jumped on me and wriggled around ecstatically Winking smile

This afternoon I watched The Losers. Great entertainment, very funny (not necessarily intentionally all the time) and lots of action. It’s what The Expendables wanted to be but couldn’t quite manage! I might be biased because I have a tiny slight little thing for Jeffrey Dean Morgan…

Food today and yesterday…


Yesterday: All bran with a mountain of fruit

Today: Cottage cheese waffles with more cottage cheese (I was out of Greek yoghurt!) and some tinned fruit



Yesterday: Turkey & ham Subway (no photo)

Today: Slow cooker green lentil and vegetable soup with 2 slices of Latvian rye bread (bought in a Polish deli in Bedminster) spread with Jalapeno pepper houmous



Yesterday: Left over pasta & vegetables from Thursday’s sausage casserole meal, jazzed up with a tomato – chilli pasta sauce, extra vegetables, and some marinated soft cheese



Fake Nando’s meal of marinated Halloumi & mushroom on another slice of Latvian rye bread, with a huge salad



Yesterday: Protein bar; Fage Greek yoghurt with honey & a can of coconut water.

Today: 2 bowls of All bran with blueberries; 2 pieces of all butter shortbread; 1 cracker; raisins

Weight: 10 st 8.5lbs (148.5lbs & constipated… Sad smile hence all the All bran Winking smile)

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1 comment:

  1. I'll have to check out The Losers. I agree with you on The Expendables. Not much there.

    Good for you-walking in the rain - although Wales may be very much like the Seattle area - if you didn't walk in the rain, you would get much walking in.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is less soggy!