Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I managed to ellipticize again this morning - and the maddening squeak was back. It doesn't seem to like me using it on two or more consecutive mornings... I fought through this time as the squeaking wasn't as loud as last time but I think I'll have to leave it tomorrow.
I'm tired again today, and have another headache. Headaches are a common side effect of my antidepressants and I've had a LOT the last couple of months after years of having them very rarely. I did take a capsule this morning as I'm giving them up gradually rather than going cold turkey.

Food today:

Breakfast: bowl of all bran & fruit; 2 slices planned multigrain toast (still better than a muffin / Danish, right?)

Lunch: Slow-cooker vegetable soup with a few added meatballs

Dinner: Slow-cooker pulled pork with sauerkraut, served as the topping for a sweet potato and a salad (yes, there really is a sweet potato under the meat!!!)


Snacks: Protein water; Greek yoghurt with granola; apple; packet of preserved vegetables that have been hiding in a kitchen cupboard for ages; almonds and peanut butter


  1. yeah you HAVE to go off the anti deps carefully...don't think docs mind if you take yourself off, just as long as you're easing yourself off...one every second day, or half of one of every day etc.

  2. I need to make pulled pork soon - yours is the third blog I've read today that had it, so I think that's sign!