Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I binged a little after posting yesterday - not massively, but enough to be annoying & depressing, maybe 1000 calories over weight-loss allowance. I think its at least partly frustration at having been extremely constipated for days and days again, so last night I resorted to medication & therefore started the day with stomach ache. And other unpleasant things.

Ah well, today is another day... and a day when my mum and her OH are visiting me! This time we ate in to be healthier and more controlled.

Food today:
Breakfast: a pumpkin-oat waffle with Greek yoghurt and summer fruit


Lunch: Cous cous salad with spicy marinated cheese and pomegranate seeds (a bit bland - the pomegranate seeds were the best bit!)


Dinner: Fried rice with peppers, peas, corn, onion & mushrooms, plus chicken & prawns (sorry – forgot to take a photo)

Followed by a cheats bread & butter pudding - raisin bread soaked overnight in low fat custard then baked. It was so soft it fell apart when I served it, and delicious!!!


Snacks: Protein water;  Satsuma; grapes

I didn’t weigh myself this morning – I couldn’t face it after yesterday.

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