Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Training Day 1

Started the day with no training again - but due to panicking about being able to find the office where my training course was being held, I arrived early enough to start the day with an hours walk around Bedminster in Bristol, and some shopping in Asda, so that was good & helped reduce the damage from eating Turkish delight this morning…


I definitely can't let myself do that as I then went a bit bingey later on - though I did manage a lunchtime walk as well (in the rain no less), to take the edge off my restlessness – about 1hr 50 minutes in total, plus using the stairs a fair bit!

I quite enjoyed myself in training today. I felt like I was using my brain much more than usual (mind you, possibly as a result, I have a bit of headache now!)

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with tinned fruit (because fresh berries are rubbish right now)


Lunch: chicken salad sandwich & a bag of crisps


Dinner: carried parsnip soup and a mixed salad


Snacks: We are Bear granola; Turkish delight; grapes; a bottle of protein water; raisins…

Weight: 10 st 8.25lbs (148.25 lbs)

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