Thursday, 20 January 2011


I managed to get myself into the gym again today! I had meant to just use the elliptical, but it’s developed a truly maddening squealing noise so after 20 minutes I switched to the stationary bike for another 25 minutes.
Didn't feel the urge to binge today even though I was quite hungry this morning - maybe the exercise is finally starting to make me want healthier foods!

Food today:

Breakfast: a blend of plain organic rolled oats and oatbran cooked with Soya milk and then mixed with toffee fudge flavoured whey – tasted a great deal more delicious than it looked!


Lunch: Green lentil vegetable soup and a sandwich of lite wholemeal bread and LC .

Dinner: quorn mince curry with brown rice & salad


Snacks: Protein water; satsuma; houmous with peppers; apple; babybel mini lite cheese

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  1. Good morning from the small town of Frederick, MD--60 miles from Washington, DC on the frigid east coast of the US. Just stumbled upon your blog, and felt connected to your goals and thoughts...I seek to make healthier choices, move more, stress less, achieve more balance and enjoy the moments and opportunities I'm presented with. I look forward to following you. Jo at