Thursday, 13 January 2011


I feel good...
For a heffalump, that is! I finally hit the gym this morning for 40 minutes on the elliptical walker. 3 cheers for me!!! Now I just need to build up some momentum...

Food today:

Breakfast: massive bowl of All bran with blueberries and peaches

Lunch: Green lentil & vegetable soup and a small pack of Vietnamese vegetable crystal rolls from Waitrose.


Dinner: Pizza!!!


Snacks: Apple; satsuma; protein water

1 comment:

  1. Christine, it's not polite to call yourself names ;-). Oh man, that pizza looks good.

    Congratulations on getting a good day under your belt. It just seems easier to build on that good momentum the next day. I hope it was wonderful.

    Have a great weekend - I bet yours is already here (there?)