Wednesday, 19 January 2011

So tired

6 for 6! 40 minutes on the elliptical walker first thing in the morning (Tuesday) again and soon I think I'll be ready to start mixing things up a bit. I'd like to reintroduce press ups, chin ups and planks for a start, I haven't done them since before we went to San Francisco last year (if I'm completely honest I'd like to be a bit lighter before doing chin ups as I've had some shoulder pain off and on for the last few weeks & don't want to damage anything.)
I had real trouble staying awake this morning - never good at work!!! I had to buy an extra Americano coffee, and it took a great deal of effort to resist the brownies and muffins on sale at the Starbucks franchise... sadly the caffeine was not enough, and later I resorted to a sugar boost...

Food today:

Breakfast: massive bowl of All bran with blueberries & peaches.

Lunch: Chicken and vegetable soup and a sandwich of lite wholemeal bread and LC .

Dinner: Wild boar stew & vegetables.


Snacks: Protein water; satsuma; Greek yoghurt with We are Bear granola; Go ahead Orange & sultana biscuits; chocolate brownie (smallish)

No weigh in today - but I'm feeling better so it won't be long!

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  1. Being tired really makes it difficult, doesn't it? Fighting the body's need for an energy boost. Six for six? You are on a roll.