Monday, 10 January 2011


Got up early to train this morning - but didn't actually make it into the gym. I am so unmotivated by training these days its ridiculous, though I have some hope that will change when my body realises its not getting any walks in.
I'm also much less inspired than I expected to be on the diet front. I'm about 8lbs over my happy weight, but my clothes pretty much still fit and my BMI is healthy enough, so its really hard to resist nice food / drink in order to switch from maintaining to losing again.(Example: I failed to resist a slab of flapjack this morning - probably about 600cals worth of oaty, golden syrupy unnecessaryness!)
Because I'm technically 'healthy' at this weight I'm now constantly tempted to just decide this is now my happy weight (when I first started losing weight it was my goal weight) but I'm also worried that making that decision will just put me back on the slippery slope to obesity. At the same time, trying to force it hasn't worked so far...

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with peaches & blueberries

Lunch: large sushi pack

Dinner: carried, slow cooked, Punjabi beans with brown rice. Lovely spicy recipe from my new Indian Slow Cooking book! Admittedly it didn’t photograph brilliantly…


Snacks: massive flapjack; protein water; lots of dates…

Weight: 149lbs, but I don't actually believe it…

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  1. Oooh my mum is brining over her slow cooker she doesn't want anymore when she comes to visit in March. That book might just be a must have :)