Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Monday again

I managed to fit in an elliptical session yesterday morning, though I felt very blah and can't say I think it was a good workout (my own fault - I drank a bit yesterday, not a great deal but enough to feel sub-par - and I stayed up a bit too late as well). I'm having some issues with the antidepressants I've been taking lately, and don't think they agree with me as well as it looked in the beginning, so I'm planning to wean myself off them, though I haven't yet decided if I want to ask the doctor for an alternative to try. I didn’t take one yesterday, as I’m cutting down to one every other day at first, and I must admit I felt a bit strange all day – very tired, a little headachy, and definitely a bit dislocated from what was going on around me!

Food today:

Breakfast: bowl of all bran & fruit; 2 slices unplanned multigrain toast (better than a muffin / Danish, right?)

Lunch: Slow cooker corn chowder and a sandwich of lite wholemeal bread and LC .

Dinner: a vegetable curry (ready meal bought a while back that needs eating up) and brown rice with some home-made Algerian flat bread and salad veg


Snacks: Protein water; satsuma; houmous with peppers; apple

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