Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!

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I had a great day with my family yesterday – loads of food, loads of drink, a walk over the fields with my brother, conversation, laughing…

And today my brother stayed till mid-afternoon so we could go for another walk, which was also really good!

I didn’t get back on the wagon today, but didn’t care either. I have now given away almost all of my baking (the rest being hidden in the freezer) and finally feel confident of regaining control (thanks for the comments to my last post kindly pointing out that I’m not the only one who may have had plans for moderation this season that didn’t quite work out – even though neither of you did anywhere near as badly as me!)

Food today:

Plate PizzaMartini glassMug………

Breakfast: Toast with light olive spread and jam; plus 2 rock buns baked by my brother Embarrassed smile

Lunch: Home-made veggie pizza on a base of 100% WW and olive oil Artisan (5 minute) dough


Dinner: Beef chilli (made in the slow cooker while I went out for my walk, just using a packet mix) topped with grated cheese and low fat crème fraiche.


Followed by my last 2 mince-pies with extra thick chantilly double cream


Snacks: Snacks apart from the above??? Surely not??? Yep… After eight chocolates, a little chocolate fudge, a couple of pieces of Turkish Greek Delight; 2 of my cookies, and a tiny slice of rum cake. Arrggh, no-one pigs out quite like me when I get going…. that was spread over the whole day, not one session…

DID NOT WEIGH TODAY. Surprised? I bet you’re not…

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1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you've had a great NYE!
    Wish you a wonderful 2011, Chrissie.
    Happy New Year!