Sunday, 2 January 2011

Boggy Sunday

Now that the snow has gone the Welsh terrain is turning into its usual state of brown slippery soggy mud everywhere. It makes walks much harder work – I bring home 3lbs of mud on each boot every time! I walked into town for some shopping this morning, and met lots of friendly dogs along the way, which always puts a smile on my face! I did think people seemed more cheerful than usual today – many more people saying hello and smiling than there sometimes is, I don’t know if that’s festive spirits of just ‘tomorrow’s a bank holiday’ spirits!

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, because I don’t stick to them and then get all self-loathing / depressed at being crap. I have weight I want to lose (didn’t dare weigh today because I don’t want to know how much weight!!!) but that’s just the on-going weight control agenda that runs from year to year and doesn’t need to be linked to a specific holiday. I do have one thing I want to try to change about myself though – I admit I’ve no clue how to go about it, so any suggestions would be gratefully received! I have a strong tendency to brood over stuff and hold grudges, or worry about the future and extrapolating future problems from past incidents – I want to learn to live more in the moment, put the worries off until they’re needed, and not borrow trouble. Hopefully I can learn to enjoy my life a little more this way, what do you think?

Breakfast: Oat- pumpkin waffles with Greek yoghurt and blueberry sauce


Lunch: Curried parsnip & sweet potato soup with lite bread and brie cheese on toast


Dinner: Left-over vegetable pizza from yesterday with salad and a very few home-made chips


Snacks: Hell, you know the routine… today is the last day I will be typing mince-pies, chocolate, rum cake… no, really it is…

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  1. Food looks as amazing as always, C!
    Happy 2011 :)