Thursday, 27 January 2011

Another Twofer

Yesterday wasn't much fun, I was tired and down all day, & in bed before 7pm. I hadn't trained and didn't walk and just wanted to be alone to feel sorry for myself. However I quite enjoyed it and felt much better this morning! I did train this morning, and felt like I was working a bit harder, sweating more etc. I really should remember on days that start off badly, that I do feel better after training, however little I want to.

Food Wednesday:

Breakfast: bowl of all bran & fruit


Lunch: Salad from canteen salad bar with white petit pain & half a pat of butter followed by a pack of Go Ahead orange & sultana biscuits (should have had home-made black bean soup, but just couldn’t face it)

Dinner: Quorn mince Bolognese stuffed acorn squash and salad (I only managed two thirds of the stuffed squash as it was huge – but I really wanted lots of fibre!) and some kale chips


Snacks: Packet of granola; apple; defrosted Soya beans; lite bread & LC

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with fruit and a protein waffle with a splash of maple syrup


Lunch: Black bean soup with lite bread & LC

Dinner: Monster salad with olives, salmon and a sprinkle of seeds with a slice of lite bread.


Snacks: Fruit salad, protein bar and protein water

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  1. You MUST start sharing your recipes - would love the try the quorn bolognese-stuffed squash, but wouldn't know where to start... :o)