Thursday, 9 December 2010


After failing to get my cholesterol checked I had to go into town to get a hair cut (hate getting my hair cut!). That went OK, and I enjoyed walking home as the snow & frost melted and fell off the trees in a nice little mini-thaw. Not enough of a thaw to satisfy the swans and ducks on the frozen pond though…


In the afternoon I discovered that I made a mistake ordering some booze for Christmas – a good mistake though! I found a great couple of sites stocking American microbrews, and ordered a load to cover Christmas & the New Year, and maybe the few weeks until then Winking smile and accidentally added two cases of one beer (Goose Island ‘Honkers Ale’) instead of one. What a shame! I tried a bottle yesterday, and luckily I liked it a lot (I’d never had it before so that could have gone very differently). The only problem was that the idiot FedEx guy left the boxes next door when he came while I was out, and carrying them back home gave me another chance to do in my back again – Yay!!!


Breakfast: Pumpkin oatbran with whey powder, topped with a little brown sugar & mixed spice


Lunch: Egg scramble with peppers and onion, served with salad, home-made bread & LC


Dinner: ‘Fake Nandos’ – Portobello mushroom & lite halloumi marinated in Nando’s garlic peri peri marinade, served with more home made bread and a big salad


Snacks: Protein bar and Greek yoghurt with honey, almonds, and melon.


Weight: given the snacking Tuesday evening, I didn’t weigh…

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