Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I had a slightly frustrating day yesterday – I had arranged for a local company that ‘reuses and recycles’ items you would otherwise throw away to pick up some things from the house, and as I had to pay them for collecting these things, I had to stay in all morning waiting for them. They came just as I sat down to eat my lunch….

In the afternoon I walked into town to do some shopping (just boring stuff sadly), but I did need want to get out after being trapped all morning.


I had arranged to get my cholesterol checked this morning (Wednesday) – and that’s a fasting test so I was told not to eat before my appointment, which was at 9:50 am. The idea of waiting that long for food had me picking at home-made bread & reduced sugar jam half the evening yesterday – and after all that I ended up cancelling the appointment because I forgot not to eat breakfast…

Food Tuesday:

Breakfast: All bran with berries and peaches


Lunch: Sweetcorn chowder with home-made bread & LC


Dinner: Grilled rump steak with dry fried mushrooms & oven chips (the steak was over-cooked because my Dad phoned while I was getting dinner and I was too stupid to take it off the grill Sad smile)


Snacks: Greek yoghurt topped with honey, almonds and blueberries;


A mini tub of Haagen Dazs Pralines & Cream ice-cream (I used to love this flavour but its too sweet for me now)


And a pack of ham, plus the above mentioned bread & jam etc.

With a side order of self-loathing…. the result of which is that I’ve decided to just try to maintain until the New Year so I don’t have to worry too much about my weight while trying to settle into my new job. I am still well within the healthy weight range for my height (though not my happy weight range) so WTH.

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