Friday, 3 December 2010


Thursday was a busy day for me. In the morning I had an appointment to see the doctor – they are still keeping an eye on me with the meds, and I had to talk to her before getting my next month’s supply. I walked in so I would get some exercise even though it was snowing very very lightly at the time.

In the afternoon I drove into Bristol for my interview. I found the place much more easily than I expected – I’ve never gone anywhere in Bristol without getting lost before, even with GPS – and had time for a Costa coffee (and mince-pie) before the interview. I have to admit that I was really clueless as to how the interview went when I left because I found both the interviewers really hard to read, but it turns out they liked me – I start a week on Monday! To be honest I’m not looking forward to travelling into Bristol every day, so I’m looking into ways to avoid the heaviest traffic. There’s a gym quite close that I could consider joining so that I can kill time before and/or after work – that would extend the length of my day, but would allow me to get the exercise in anyway, and might allow me to use better / more varied equipment – but it would be quite expensive. There is a park ’n’ ride scheme which is cheaper than parking in town and would put most of the pressure on the bus driver, but would potentially extend the journey quite a bit if the timing was wrong. The trains just don’t work from here unfortunately. Or I could just suck it up like most people do, accept that travelling to work is a pain, and fit in some kind of moving activity into my lunch break. I guess I’ll have to see how I get on…

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