Monday, 27 December 2010

Thawing at last

It’s actually 4 degrees right now – ABOVE zero!!! The snow is melting at last, and I’m so happy to see it. And also to have started to include some healthy foods in my eating today, though mixed in with more of the ultra fattening (but delicious) rubbish I’ve been eating for the last 2 days.

Christmas and Boxing Day both went great. All my baking was really successful, and the savoury cooking went down well too. I didn’t take any photos as my presentation left A LOT to desire – when dishing up for 5 I tend to throw everything in the direction of the plates and hope that it sticks Winking smile

On Christmas Day we had a fairly quiet day. For the last several years its been a rowdy bacchanalia of a day, and I was relieved to have a more peaceful one this year for a change. I didn’t get out for a walk as my Mum isn’t yet up to it and I didn’t have time before they got here. Everyone stayed the night, and then soon after they went home on Boxing Day M’s family arrived for their visit. This was also quieter than I expected as two people were recovering from the flu and not themselves! Sadly for me, I think I may be about to come down with it, as I keep getting sore throats and sniffles! I did manage to get out for a walk across the fields with my father in law in the afternoon, and the cold fresh air perked us both up no end!!!

This morning every one made it up with no hangovers and the family headed for home, then I headed for Waitrose to get some shopping. I bought myself a nice Christmas present – a waffle iron – and I’ve been experimenting with it today. So far I’ve discovered that I am not a natural waffle maker! (waffletier???) I’ve made three batches, and the local birds have benefited a fair bit from my efforts (they are improving though – and the birds do seem fairly appreciative!)

Not going to do a today’s food thing this afternoon as I have eaten a lot of crap. There’s only so many times I can mention ‘a handful of mixed M&Ms’ or ‘a couple of mince-pies’ before I start blushing at my own greed! I have just frozen a load of cake and cookies and will defrost some of it on New Year’s Eve when my Dad and his wife are coming over. I did however have all bran for breakfast and made garlic pasta for lunch (to try to cure my cold) so there was some real food in there too!!!

Hope you’ve all had a great holiday, enjoyed yourselves and (if you need to) got it all out of your system to feel refreshed and ready to climb back on the wagon real soon! I’ll see you there…. but probably not today, as I’ve had one or two Pina Coladas already and now need a beer to wash the sweetness out of my mouth….

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  1. I'm glad that you are thawing out over there, Christine. What a weather incident!

    Your baking sounds very good. I did a few things over the holidays, but not much. I hope you get over your cold!