Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sugar rush

I have been feeling kind of dragging lately, probably because my usual insomnia has been enhanced by both my medication and the recent back problems I’ve been having. So today I ate over 1000 calories worth of sweet stuff… I don’t actually have a major problem with it, it wasn’t a binge, some of the sweet stuff was dried fruit (most wasn’t…) and it was spread out over the day, but I do have to admit that even at the time I knew damn well there were much better choices available to raise my shaky blood sugar – and didn’t care. Just one of those days…

I have a job interview tomorrow, so lets pretend it was because I’m nervous, OK?

I trained on the elliptical walker for about an hour this evening in an attempt to undo a tiny fraction of the damage. It felt good to get sweaty again, though I’m now waiting to see if my back was OK with it.

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raspberries and peaches


Lunch: Buffalo chicken chili with brown rice and a salad


Dinner: Slow cooker mulligatawny soup with a lite bread, LC, cucumber sandwich


Snacks: A ‘soaked oats’ glob of oats, Greek yoghurt and summer fruit; marzipan and chocolate…

Weight today: 10st 6.2lbs (146.2lbs)

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  1. Fingers crossed for your interview. Good luck....