Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The snow’s all gone!!!

And we’re back to the standard dreary grey soggy winter weather at last!

I didn’t post yesterday because my flu went to my stomach. I craved (and caved to) loads of crap in the morning, but stopped eating after lunch when I felt sick, and kept feeling sick for the rest of the day. No details, but lets just say I was anti-social, miserable, absolutely uninterested in food and very sorry for myself all afternoon & evening, and had a really early night.

But that worked – and this morning I woke up hungry, healthy (mostly) and much much happier!!!

I walked into town this morning, via a roundabout route to extend the walk a bit. I had had another overly indulgent morning, but we are working our way through the candy & chocolate and soon we’ll be taking leftovers to work so it won’t last much longer!

Food today:

Breakfast: Home-made oat and pumpkin waffle with Greek yoghurt and melon. (Waffle recipe based on this one, replacing the nut butter with canned pumpkin puree and adding a little vanilla essence & mixed spice)


Lunch: Pulled pork with sauerkraut in rolls followed by a slice of chocolate sauerkraut cake (just realised  I had 2 dishes with sauerkraut in for lunch!)


Dinner: Huge stir fry with cavolo nero cabbage, topped with slow-cooked tofu with cranberry sauce (sounds like a strange mixture but it was delicious – the tofu was cooked perfectly and had a lovely touch of sweetness!) The tofu was based on this recipe, as someone in the comments had adapted the recipe that way…


Snacks: Chocolates & nuts & dried fruit…

Weight today: 10st 7.25lbs (147.25 (could so definitely have been worse – and certainly will be tomorrow, given the chocolate and nuts…)

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