Monday, 13 December 2010

New beginnings

I started my new contract today. I spent the weekend absolutely paranoid and petrified that I wasn’t going to be up to it, and would be fired possibly on the 1st day… Also envisaging spending 3 or 4 hours on the road due to heavy city centre traffic… Is there a saying about ‘expect the worst so you can only be pleasantly surprised’, or did I make it up? If not, there should be…

Obviously I didn’t achieve anything productive today, as a testing contractor there is always an initial steep learning curve where you stare baffled as people introduce a million strangers, mention a thousand completely incomprehensible business terms and acronyms, and generally convince you that you look like a complete fool. Even in my paranoia though, I do realise that that’s just a part of being a contractor and moving jobs a lot.

I drove in bright and early today – I was supposed to arrive at 9am, I reached the town centre at 8am and spent the hour before work walking around the town, drinking a Costa coffee Creme brulee latte (non-fat of course) and trying to relax. The journey took less time than I used to drive to my last contract. I left work at 5pm, and was home by 10 to 6 – no problem! I’m sure that not all journeys will go that well, but as I’ve now been told that I can leave work at 4pm if I start early enough, I’m feeling much better about that as well!

Food today… having no clue what to expect, I took a ham sandwich, an apple and a couple of protein bars to make sure I was covered. I brought back the ham sandwich, and both protein bars. I was invited to a meeting that included a buffet lunch, and though the actual food items were NOT healthy, I only filled a small plate once, and was very satisfied by the amount of food I ate (very rare for me in buffet scenarios). I had a few potato wedges, a small slice of pizza, one breaded chicken finger, one chicken skewer, and one mini spring roll. Everything was small, and I drank diet coke with it. I will admit that in the meeting I also ate 2 chocolate biscuits and one mince-pie (it was still hot, what are you going to do…?)

I trained before work, and intend to try to keep that up. My breakfast was a normal bowl of all bran with fruit, and for dinner, a massive salad with chicken from a whole bird that I slow-cooked overnight. I struggled to eat it!


No urge to binge, even with the stress and unknown quantities, no yummy Costa coffee baked goodies… I’m pretty pleased with my first day!

Weight: 10st 4.25lbs (144.25lbs)

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