Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I had a great day yesterday with my Mum, despite being stuck in a traffic jam on the way there – almost an hour to cover 3.5miles???? Arrggh! It didn’t help that both ways the M4 was shrouded in fog and the temperature never got above zero either…


We had a lovely, very relaxed day. She had a hip replacement a few weeks ago and is doing so well, healing fast, no longer permanently in pain, looking and feeling years younger – wonderful to see! Its also lovely to see her OH looking after her so well while she gets better. She’s been told she can’t bend over for 12 weeks ( now 9) and is still using a stick to get around at the moment, so he does just about everything for her, the sweetie!

We went to a pub for lunch. I wasn’t well behaved, but wasn’t appalling either. But I must admit I wish I knew why its proving so damn hard to get the food on track and keep it there! I trained on the elliptical walker before I went, so I wasn’t idle all day, which was good.


Breakfast: Toaster waffle with Greek yoghurt, raspberries & raspberry coulis


Lunch: Tandoori veg burger with a small portion of chips and coleslaw


Dinner: A sandwich of white bread, slice of stuffed pork roast and branston pickle. Yummy but not photogenic so no photo

Snacks: 2 Terrys All Gold dark chocolates and a chocolate cookie flavoured protein bar

Weight: 10 st 6.4lbs ( 146.4lbs)

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