Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Fed up of snow and ice

I kept slipping and sliding all over the place on my walk, which was annoying especially as I had to keep catching onto gates / fences to stay upright. Plus I’m sick of the cold. And still feeling apathetic, knackered, lacking energy and Christmas spirit. Anyone up for a trip to Aruba???

I spent the afternoon baking – a loaf of banana ginger tea-bread and one of quick raisin bread. Somehow I couldn’t resist messing with butter, flour and sugar today – and I’m planning cookies, mince-pies and rum cake in the next couple of days too! Oh yes, and I made a loaf of cranberry orange bread and a chocolate-sauerkraut sandwich cake during my blogging break too, both of which are in the freezer for Christmas. I must remember there’s a need for savoury food too… as usual I’m planning to give away a lot of baked goods, so the fact that I’m also considering making a second loaf of orange-cranberry bread and an apple cake isn’t as scary as it first appears… Winking smile


Raisin bread on the left, banana ginger tea-bread on the right!

Food today:

Breakfast: A full (low cal) cooked breakfast!


Lunch: Slow-cooked chicken, rice & vegetable soup with lite bread


Dinner: Fish pie with grilled butternut squash and fennel


Snacks: Protein bar; all bran with peaches and raspberries; raisins and almonds

Weight: 10 3.25lbs (143.25 lbs)

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  1. Sometimes I look at your tasty foods and I soooooooo miss living in England. Fish Pie!!