Friday, 31 December 2010


Since Christmas hit, I’ve been eating chocolate and baked good s for breakfast every day. Not even for breakfast, more for pre-breakfast. Not even enjoying them all that much either…. not today though – so hopefully I’m finally coming back to normal! All week I’ve been raiding the candy and other stuff bought for all our visitors in the morning, then eating breakfast, then going back for more, then eating lunch – and then feeling stuffed and icky all afternoon, and not always managing dinner. And the scales are reflecting the bad stuff in ways I’m not yet ready to tell the blog about.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

Today, I don’t want chocolate. Yet, anyway. My Dad, his wife and my brother are visiting today so I probably will be eating more of that sort of thing later. When they go home, they will be carrying Tupperware boxes full of stuff that I don’t want in my house any more, and hopefully that will allow me to reset my eating-crap trigger to the default position. I’m actually kind of sick of it all. Not that that would necessarily stop me. For some reason this year has really thrown me off track, but I’m now (finally) at least working towards getting back on…


  1. Its a pain this time of year when chocolate and baked stuff is just lying around, I find it really difficult to resist plus I hate seeing food wasted. I'm sure you'll be fine once the festive season is over and will be back on track :-)

  2. Hi Chrissie

    Oh what lovely little traps we set for ourselves at Christmas, eh? Getting in (or baking) a few nice nibbles 'just for guests'!

    As for me, lovely hubby has had the 'flu so Christmas hasn't been much fun. Hence I've been mopey - enter the Quality Street tin!

    The contents of that blasted tin (which I don't even like) have attracted me like a moth to a flame so I've ended up being a tad singed too :-(

    Nil desperandum though. We'll crack it once again when the world gets back to normal. You'll see - I have every faith in us both.