Friday, 17 December 2010

Apologies all

I have really gone off the blogging boil lately, I don't know why. One reason is probably just getting out of the habit while I was away (I know I still owe you posts from my holiday). In addition deciding to maintain until the New Year has me uninspired & I'm not making the best food choices as a result, but the biggest logistical problem is that I don't have email at my new job - can you believe that??? It's like living in the Dark ages, and deprives me of the chance to write posts at lunchtime and email them home, which used to be my trick.

I have been keeping up with all the blows I read, but due to numb-brain syndrome I haven't been commenting - not because I'm not rooting for you / don't love you any more, just because I'm so horrifyingly trivial and shallow these days. I'm sooorrry guys - and hope to find a new routine that works for me soon, so please hang in there!

Since starting my new job I've had one horrible binge plus too many naughty treats. I am still managing to maintain though, and remain at a healthy weight, though not the weight I prefer. I also need to work out some healthy eating habits that fit in with the available mod cons in the office, and the large number of eating opportunities all around me...

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