Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Posting late already and I’ve only just started again….

My brother came to visit me yesterday and we went for a long lunch – about 9 miles – and had lunch while we were out. I ate like a pig, and felt bloated most of the day, but it was still a really good day, even with the rubbish dreary weather.



Breakfast: Mocha porridge cooked with brewed coffee and with chocolate whey & raisins added (I forgot to photograph it but it looked rather disgusting so be grateful!)

Lunch: Wetherspoons Gourmet Chicken burger (a chicken breast topped with Monterey Jack cheese and bacon) with chips.


Dinner: Slow-cooker mulligatawny soup with spelt bread & LC


Snacks: All bran with raspberries; a smallish slice of millionaires shortbread with a decaf Americano


Weight: 10 st 9.5lbs (149.5lbs)

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