Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Weird Tuesday

I've been feeling really weird today. I slept badly again, waking up around 1am and taking a long time to get back to sleep. When I got up I completely forgot that I'd been planning to try reintroducing morning training (shorter sessions) until I was already showered and dressed for work. All morning my body felt slightly hyper and my brain really fuzzy... I think lack of sleep is catching up with me, and its not a pleasant sensation at all. Alternatively I suppose it could be a reaction to the medication, but the doctor did go through the side effects and I don't remember any mention of this - it was all about nausea, dry mouth, feeling more depressed before it started to work properly, that kind of thing. I must admit I haven't read the full list (mainly so I can't start imagining that I have them all!!!) but I think I might have to check them out. Not that they're likely to have listed 'feeling weird' as a side effect but oh well.
Walked to the shop after work for some bits and pieces. It wasn't as nice as yesterday - cloudier and cooler - but still rounded the day off quite well. And I met several nice friendly dogs (and their nice friendly owners!) I must get back into doing some training but I think taking a little time while I'm not feeling quite myself won't hurt.
Food today:
Breakfast: Cinnamon porridge with cookies & cream whey
Lunch: I was planning on the usual boring soup & bread, but when it came to it, I couldn't face it, I needed to chew / crunch - so I bought a sandwich (and a cookie) from the sandwich van instead. She sells amazing chocolate chip cookies... and a bag of Salt & Vinegar crisps... carbs! carbs! give me caaaaarbs.....................


Dinner: Quorn chicken style pieces in a stir fry – it wasn’t this blurry in real life Winking smile


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with fruit and a kit kat on my walk. Yes, I overate. But although I picked unhealthy things to eat I didn’t feel unhealthy while doing it – by which I mean, I didn’t have that slightly crazed desperate binge feeling. My lunch was large and calorific (and left me full all afternoon until I reached Waitrose) but it was still an amount of food that a lot of people (possibly not very fit people, but still…) would consider ‘just lunch’. And it didn’t kick me off into binge mode either.

Weight today: 10 st 1 lb (141 lbs)

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  1. Fuzzy brain was always a side effect for me.

    And you don't know this, but you've become my official movie reviewer. I've been avoiding The Bounty Hunter, as I'd heard it was awful and it wasn't so bad. I rent from RedBox and their selection isn't the greatest, so I was glad to get something that I could stand to watch. So thanks!