Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Last night I baked some of smitten kitchen's blondies to bring to work today (I wanted to use up some chocolate chips in case I had another attack like on Monday and ate the whole bag). I mixed in a 100g bag of milk chocolate chips and some desiccated coconut. Once they were cool I was about to cut them up when I realised that I wanted to eat one... or several, because they smelt so good... so I brought them in to work in one piece to cut up in the kitchen so I would be less tempted by them! It worked! I didn't eat any last night (except a few crumbs that broke off as I removed it from the pan). Slightly ridiculous, I will admit, that I would have been perfectly happy, even greedy, if it came to nicking pieces from a sliced blondie but didn't feel the same way about deliberately cutting myself a piece... I was trying for a vaguely Bounty-bar flavour, and substituted half the butter with coconut oil in an attempt to emphasize the coconut flavour a bit as I didn't have any coconut extract to add. It didn't entirely work - too much coconut, not enough chocolate chips (and I prefer dark chocolate anyway), but I liked the results enough to decide to buy some coconut extract for another attempt at some point (maybe Christmas...)


When I got home I simply couldn’t motivate myself to train, so I settled for doing some chores instead… and then (almost) total calamity struck – when my router refused to connect to the internet for over an hour! Arrgghh!!! I think it was letting me know that its sick of all the power cuts its been suffering lately (I had to switch it back on again today)

Food today:

Breakfast: Porridge with whey & fruit


Lunch: Chicken, salsa, black bean soup with spelt bread and LC


Dinner: Bratwurst sausage in a roll with sauerkraut & german mustard


Snacks: A packet of ham with a mini babybel (can you tell I was lacking inspiration?)


and a blondie (naturally!!!)


Weight today: 10 st 0.1lbs (140.1lbs ) so glad I didn't weigh yesterday, I dread to think what that would have done to my morale...

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  1. Those blondies look good!
    I have to say you have the biggest blogroll I have seen! So many good ones to read! Now I know where to come when I am lacking inspiration!