Friday, 1 October 2010


Feeling really uninspired today - by blogging, by healthy eating. By exercise.
I did manage a walk at lunchtime, but I had to force myself - yes, you read that right I HAD TO FORCE MYSELF even though the sun was out and heavy rain was forecast for tomorrow. And I didn't really enjoy it while I was out, though afterwards I was kind of glad that I did.
Didn't manage to find the energy to train in the evening. Did manage to find the energy to eat 3 slices of fruit loaf before binning the rest.
Food today:
Breakfast: All bran with berries

Lunch: Chicken veg barley soup with lite bread & LC plus a portion of crustless tomato egg white quiche

Dinner: Grilled balsamic chicken with grilled carrot & broccoli

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with granola; with fruit; an apple and a bag of Snack-a-jacks (trying to stick with healthy and/or low calorie snacks you see). Then there was the treacle tart at work, where they were having some kind of work thing, and the fruit loaf at home...
I hate myself right now
Stay Healthy


  1. Today is a new day. Well, perhaps its an old day on your side of the pond. If there is something to learn about Thursday, then learn it, but let the rest of it go. It's done, it's over. No reason to hate yourself right now.

    I'd ask you to blog tomorrow about your successes. I feel for you, Chrissie. I hope you are feeling better very soon. A bit of treacle tart and some extra fruit loaf are just things, please don't let a bit of a misstep make you feel badly about yourself. Please treat yourself kindly. I will be thinking about you today and hope that you are feeling a bit more positive.

  2. Roxie has it spot on the dot. Be kind to yourself, cut yourself some slack and turn that hate into something better.

    You've only just had some crap news re: the job, you've just started on new medication and the weather is turning autumnal and sour. Time to be even more kind to 'you', I'd say.

    I'd prescribe a lovely, hot, comforting, sweet smelling bath, buying yourself some pretty flowers and a good night's rest. Tomorrow will be better.

    Be proud of the great person the rest of us see... Chrissie!

  3. Just remember, every day is a new days & just because you had a bad day, doesn't mean everything is ruined. :) Just bring yourself back on track and keep on keepin' on. You had a balanced day, beyond the snacking, so just keep your balance in mind. :)