Thursday, 14 October 2010


I trained this morning!!! I was making excuses not to when I first got up, but somehow I found myself getting into workout clothes and climbing onto the elliptical walker... it probably wasn't my best workout ever but it did feel good to finally do something in the morning instead of just excusing myself for not bothering! 40 minutes on the walker, I thought about splitting it up more but decided not to complicate things. The one thing I did do wrong was not eat after training - or before - or at all until I reached work, 2 hours after I got up and over an hour after finishing training. I don't feel its as important for recovery after cardio as it is after resistance training, but I don't think either that I should go without food all night + another couple of hours when there's training in there as well, so next time (if there is a next time) I plan to add in a post training, pre-breakfast snack. I do have a tendency (unless I'm in crazed picking mode) to forget that when I train or walk a long way I need to refuel or I won't be able to keep it up (or resist bingeing)
As of this morning I've been taking my new meds for 2 weeks - this is the point when they should now be fully active. I do feel much better, not euphoric or anything but definitely calmer and more positive about things, and when I feel stressed about things the levels of stress seem more manageable. In fact it's exactly what I hoped for - I felt a bit like I was thrashing around trying to keep my head above water before, now someone came along and gave me a solid rock to stand on, so that I can work out what to do next. On the other hand it could just be that I have less reason to be stressed at the moment, so I'll be sticking with the pills for the recommended 6 months and seeing how I get on over time.

Good things today:

#1. Keeping a promise to myself, and starting the day feeling virtuous!
#2. Resisting chocolate this afternoon – barely, but the main thing is I did it, right?

Food today:
Breakfast: Huge bowl of porridge with whey & berries

Lunch: Roasted root vegetable soup with sprouted wheat bread, jam & LC



Dinner: Biesbok (South African game) fillet steak with a slow-cooker baked potato topped with LC  & a salad


Snacks: Apple with mini Babybel; protein bar & nectarine

Weight today: 9 st 13.5lbs (139.5lbs)

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