Sunday, 17 October 2010


We really enjoyed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yesterday (apart, in my case, from a few very disturbing scenes of sexual violence against the heroine – but I did appreciate her revenge!). The movie was very slow moving, but very interesting. We were lazy and watched it dubbed in English rather than reading subtitles. I hadn’t read the book beforehand so neither of us really knew what to expect, but we were both surprised by how interesting it was even when nothing really seemed to be happening… and the Swedish scenery was gorgeous!

This morning I walked into Chepstow, planning to go for my usual Sunday morning Coffee shop treat. I hadn’t realised that today was Hoggin’ The Bridge again (remember I went last year to look around?) so the town was much busier than usual. I wasn’t in the mood for sightseeing, so I went straight to the coffee shop – but it was packed, with a big queue as well, so I headed down the street to Wetherspoons instead. Then I did a little Tesco shopping with left me with a very heavy rucksack (6-packs of soft drinks are bloody heavy!!!) and walked home. It was a beautiful sunny autumnal day – by which I mean it was bloody freezing, and I was inadequately dressed as I haven’t got to grips with the concept of low temperatures combined with blue skies yet. Still, it was…. refreshing, and it woke me up, which I needed after the fuse tripped AGAIN last night – I woke up at 2:45 am to total darkness, no sign of life from the digital display on my alarm clock, and had to go downstairs to reset the fuse switch AGAIN. We’re replacing the fuse box soon and I can’t wait.

Food today:

Breakfast: Toaster waffles topped with Greek yoghurt & raspberry coulis with a side of tinned peach slices – yum!!!


Lunch: Waitrose Prawn laksa soup – delicious, though the prawns were a little too chewy after microwave heating.


Dinner: Barbecued Quorn burger with salad


Snacks: Strawberry & blueberry smoothie; protein bar; toasted teacakes with a cappuccino in Wetherspoons


Weight: 9st 12lbs (138lbs)

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  1. Glad you got your walk in today - we have much cooler temps too - I know how blue skies can make it not seem chilly, but it is - and I love it - wakes me up too!