Friday, 15 October 2010

Sleepy Friday

I know I mentioned that we've been having trouble with our electrics, leading to fuses tripping and power cuts as a result. Every time that happens I have to rest my alarm clock, then reset the alarm itself. Last time I forgot to reset the alarm time. It defaults after a power cut to midnight. Guess what time I was woken by the alarm last night???
Good things about today:
#1. Getting back to sleep fairly easily after my alarm went off at midnight

#2. Making a conscious deliberate decision to buy a cookie from the sandwich van as a Friday lunch treat

#3. Yellow raspberries - they taste exactly the same as the red ones, but look kind of funky!!!

#4. Eating my cookie - it was very yummy!!! (I know that looks like I'm repeating myself but the cookie was just that good!!!)

#5. After work training – a mini circuit of elliptical walker and rowing machine

Food today:
Breakfast: Porridge with whey & berries


Lunch: Chicken & bacon baguette; chocolate chip cookie. I was going to have home-made soup, but couldn't face it... I do love soup most of the time, but definitely need to chew sometimes!


Dinner: Biesbok steak and a big salad


Snacks: Punnet of yellow raspberries;


small protein bar (that wasn't planned, but the raspberries were really really unsatisfying as a snack on their own)

Weight today: 9 st 13.4lbs (139.4lbs)

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