Sunday, 10 October 2010

Saturday shopping and a show

Yesterday was a good day – also a productive, expensive, and exhausting day!

I went into Cardiff in the morning with the intention of clothes shopping before my play. To say I tried on a lot of clothes is like saying its a bit warm on the face of the sun – my first trip to the changing room, the woman counted 17 pieces of clothing – and there were 2 more sessions after that! I got everything I wanted, spent a fortune in the process, and got very hot and sweaty in the process (sorry – hate that! Sweat belongs in the gym, not the department store!) After the clothes shopping I took my purchases back to the car and then went for lunch. I was planning on Wetherspoons but they were packed so I ended up in Nando’s instead. After that, book shopping – and then the play!

I went to see The Full Monty. It was a little disconcerting to discover they’d relocated it from Sheffield to Buffalo – and more disconcerting to find it had become a musical! It was still a lot of fun, very very funny with a great atmosphere, but they lost a bit of the pathos when they set some of the most touching moments into songs. My favourite character in the movie was Dave (aka the ‘fat bastard’) because I think he’s really sweet and funny – and in the play, he was still my favourite.

Food was a little naughty but I’ve had worse days out…

Breakfast: All bran with berries

Lunch: Nando’s roasted portobello mushroom & halloumi burger – with chips….


Dinner: Fried rice with added ‘rotisserie’ chicken from the slow cooker a while back


Snacks: A Starbucks yoghurt with wildflower honey & granola (and a skinny latte); some apple liquorice; and a cupcake…


Weight: 9st 13.4 lbs (139.4lbs) – don’t worry, it didn’t last long!!!

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