Sunday, 10 October 2010

Restful Sunday?

I was knackered yesterday, and still kind of tired this morning, so I didn’t drag myself to Chepstow, but just took my short shopping walk instead. It was a bit grey and unappealing then, although the sun came out for a bit this afternoon.

We spent the afternoon watching a movie called The Crazies. Its basically every zombie movie ever made in one! The only difference is that they actually took the trouble to employ some actors who can act… it stars Timothy Oliphant, who I quite like, and although they went for all the gory clichés its actually quite good fun! Maybe not restful though – unless you like lots of death in your movies! (I kind of do – as long as its sort of cartoonish, I can’t take torture porn)

Food today:

Breakfast: Multigrain porridge with whey & a spoonful of peanut butter. As you can probably tell (despite the pitiful lighting) I made it kind of thick and stodgy, and that’s after loosening it up with a little extra water!)


Lunch: Grilled vegetable sandwich and an incredibly low calorie bought soup – Duck Gyoza, from Waitrose, only 160 calories


Dinner: Roast chicken breast with garlic Italian roast potatoes, dry fried mushrooms and a little bit of salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with We are Bear granola;


All bran with berries

Weight: 10 st 0.4lbs (140.4lbs)

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  1. I have been away but I'm so glad you're still blogging!