Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I actually had quite a good night's sleep last night!!! I don't remember lying awake for ages before getting to sleep, I don't remember frequently checking the clock in the middle of the night (I think I woke once around 1 am then went back to sleep) and I didn't wake up until almost 5am this morning. Best night for weeks! Of course its not enough to catch me up, but its a much better start to the day!
No morning training today because I didn't want to wake my Mum up that early. I didn't walk at lunchtime either; for some reason I'm feeling increasingly apathetic about lunchtime walks. I think its because they're too short and same-y due to having to fit them into my lunch break. Knowing that after next week I'll be unemployed again means I don't feel the need to find a way to fit walking into my working day here for the longer term, so unless I have a specific destination in mind, I just don't feel like bothering. Not like me, but I guess if you compromise too much you can spoil the things you love! However, in the evening I did a circuit straight after work - 10 mins on the rower, 20 min interval program on the elliptical walker, and 10 mins on the stationary bike. I tried to make the rower and cycle sections into more interval-y workouts as well, as I want to up the intensity of my workouts for a change of pace, especially if I'm not walking much.

Good things today:

#2.Day 2 living in a world that contains wine gums without craving them / obsessing over them/ buying & eating them – in fact, the vending machines held no appeal for me today!!!
#3. Sweaty training
#4. Making more progress thinning out the contents of my freezer - soon I'll be able to reintroduce my semi-veggie lifestyle without feeling guilty about the amount of food piling up in there!

This evening I'm watching Letters to Juliet. I saw the trailer a while back and thought it looked like quite a sweet, fun romantic movie. I know that's a change of pace from The Crazies at the weekend and my fondness for post-apocalyptic sci fi, not to mention my TV viewing preference for murder mysteries, and my love of books about serial killers... but I'm not totally devoid of romantic sensibility... Has anyone seen it? I'll tell you what I thought of it tomorrow.

Food today:
Breakfast: Massive bowl of porridge with whey & summer berries


Lunch: Chicken, vegetable & barley soup, with sprouted wheat bread spread with jam and LC.



Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese with salad


Snacks: apple, babybel light;




Weight: 10 st 1lb (141 lbs)

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  1. Hooray for getting a good nights sleep! I feel bad sometimes because I've hardly ever had trouble sleeping - maybe three times in my life?

    It doesn't help that we have black curtain in our bedroom, so even on a Saturday morning that's bright and sunny at 10:30 in the morning, still feels like midnight to my body!

    Delicious eats - sorry about your job loss, I am so far behind in my blog reading!