Monday, 4 October 2010

Man, I’m tired…

I slept appallingly last night. I was tired when I turned the lights off at about 9:45 (I know, I'm so old! But I do get up at 5am at the latest you know!) but after a slightly restless night I woke up at 3am and never got back to sleep. It was so frustrating - mainly my own fault because I kept checking the time then cursing because it had hardly moved. I actually think that the problem is we're having trouble with the electrics in our house at the moment, leading to lots of tripped fuse switches - I'm paranoid about oversleeping if the power goes off and takes my alarm out. Perhaps I should just use my mobile instead, then I might feel more relaxed about it. Being that paranoid is I think just one of the signs of my bad handling of stress at the moment - because if it did happen, and I did manage to oversleep (and bear in mind I've been waking up before my alarm for at least 2 years) what would actually happen? I might be late for work, assuming I didn't just oversleep a little and have to rush to get ready. And then? Well, I'd either have to make up the lost time or bill for fewer hours. Beyond that? Not a damn thing. Hardly earth shattering consequences is it? I mean I'm not actually rushing off to reach work in time to perform a life-saving heart transplant or anything, I just test computer software... get a grip, Chrissie!!!
As I result of this poor night I did less well at cutting down on the caffeine this morning - I needed an extra cup of (black, not milky) coffee just to feel I could drive to work, and more later to keep myself from the humiliation of nodding off at my desk.
After yesterdays awful weather it was actually quite nice today - certainly go for a walk weather! I managed a walk at lunchtime, (it was perfect walking weather, bright, sunny, not too hot but pleasant enough for a t-shirt) and another after work - I had been planning to train properly after work, but due to my knackered-ness decided to make it a little lower intensity. Another week and it won't be light enough in the evenings to let me make that choice, so I want to make the most of it while I can. Of course I might have all day every day to walk soon - weather permitting...

Unfortunately it was very wet and slippery underfoot, and the Wetlands are becoming lakes again so that will reduce my walking opportunities as it does every winter.

Food today:
Breakfast: Cinnamon flavoured Oatso Simple porridge with soya milk, cookies & cream whey, and psyllium husks. Bored with the all bran finally... It was too runny, so I’ll be cutting back on the milk tomorrow.


Lunch: Corn chowder with home-made spelt bread, LC & jam



Dinner: Quorn cottage pie with roasted okra, green beans and broccoli


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with fruit * 2

Weight: 10st 1.2lbs (141.2 lbs) Huh????

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