Wednesday, 13 October 2010


How is everybody today? I’m still feeling fairly cheerful despite a weird timewarp effect that I noticed at work today. I was bored out of my mind, but instead of dragging on and on the day seemed to lurch forward hours at a time!

Good things today:
#1. Day 3 not needing to resist the vending machine

#2. Sweaty training – 50 mins on the elliptical walker

#3. Midsomer Murders on TV

#4. The Angry Birds Android app

#5.  A weird change in me.
I am experiencing something a bit strange these days (strange to me, that is - I think it may be entirely normal to the rest of the human race) I haven't lost my appetite the way I was told I might on these pills - in fact, I'm quite often hungry now that I'm trying to persuade my body that snacks should actually be smaller than meals, instead of the other way around ;-) And I don't like the feeling, its not particularly comfortable and unlike an earlier time in my life I'm not convincing myself that 'hunger is my friend', 'I don't feel empty I feel light / thin' or 'that's how you can tell its working...' but, and this is the good bit, I also don't feel that I absolutely must put an end to the feeling right this minute if not sooner. Sometimes I eat part of my meal sooner than I planned to if I'm really uncomfortable, especially if I'm going to train or walk before the meal, but the rest of the time I'm actually getting kind of used to just waiting a bit longer than I really want to if its not time to eat yet. I know that this goes right against intuitive eating principles, but I'm still not ready to trust myself with that yet, especially as I am still adjusting to having the small snacks and the larger meals, but I am encouraged that I might possibly be losing my fat Chrissie's fear of being hungry at last...

Well, I loved the movie yesterday. I wouldn't say it was the most original film I ever watched - in fact it was very predictable - but it was sweet, the characters were likeable, the Tuscan scenery was lovely... it was a good feel-good chick movie, though I didn't bother asking M if he wanted to watch it!!! By the end of the movie I was smiling, and that was a nice way to spend the evening.

Shame I went straight from watching a romantic movie to the kitchen to dismember a lobster for tonight's dinner, but that's life! And wielding my cleaver could be considered therapeutic / stress relieving! Winking smile

I didn't sleep quite so well last night, but managed to relax and not get stressed over it, which was good - probably helped by getting a couple of much better nights in this week. I wasn't feeling energetic enough to train though - I'm so lazy! Still, I managed after work.... I do seem to be finding it easier to motivate myself in the evening at the moment, so long as I get straight into my training gear and get on with it as soon as I get home!

Food today:
Breakfast: Massive bowl of porridge (original flavour this time as I could never taste the cinnamon in the other kind once I’d added the fruit and whey – so why have the extra sugar?) with whey & summer berries


Lunch: Roasted (Levi) roots soup, to which I had added some roasted smoked gammon from the freezer, with sprouted wheat bread spread with LC.


Dinner: Fish pie (salmon, hake & lobster in parsley sauce, topped with mashed potato & cauliflower) with salad


Snacks: apple, babybel light; nectarine; small protein bar

Weight: 140.4lbs

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  1. The fish pie has me drooling on my keyboard!