Wednesday, 6 October 2010


A ridiculously long time ago, Lis was kind enough to give me the  Happy 101 award...


If you've managed to struggled through the last few weeks of my self-pitying meanderings you'll know why I have taken a while to come up with this list of 10 things that make me happy... but I managed it in the end! Thanks again for the award Lis - and for giving me a reason to think about happy things just when it was really helpful!

10 things that make me happy (in no particular order):

  1. A morning walk on a sunny, frosty winter morning
  2. Getting a massage
  3. A new book by one of my favourite authors
  4. Baking something delicious - and feeding it to the people I love
  5. Doing a crossword with my Mum
  6. Comments!!! I love meeting new readers, and I love hearing from long term bloggie friends!
  7. Reading a blog post that makes me laugh / cry / think / wish I was a better blogger
  8. Singing along to Living on a Prayer in my car
  9. Early nights with M }-)
  10. A trip to the theatre - and I have one on Saturday! I'm going to see The Full Monty in Cardiff!

All the blogs I read, I choose because one way or another they also make me happy. So rather than picking just a few I want to give it to everybody who hasn't already done this - or, if you've got another 10 things that make you happy, feel free to do it again!!!

I read the side effects of my medication last night after posting... ignoring the scariest ones, they apparently cause both insomnia (just what I need...) and drowsiness... Could the drowsiness be the result of the insomnia???
They can also cause loss of appetite and weight loss (yes please!!! JOKING... kind of. I wouldn't mind the loss of appetite part because at this point struggling with the desire to overeat - and failing a really lot - is NOT improving my mood or self-esteem any) and nausea and / or constipation - nooooooooo... just when I've stopped eating all bran every day!!!
I'm not sure if its too soon for this to be true, I know the benefits don't kick in for 2 weeks but I'm not sure if the side effects are the same, but I think I may be getting the constipation and nausea now...  but not the loss of appetite (except at actual meal times - in between I'm still feeling kind of like a ravening beast)

I woke up ridiculously early again this morning - about 2 am. BUT the next time I looked at the clock (after what felt like about 10 minutes) it was after 4am - so I guess I fell asleep again, making, by my standards, not that bad a night at all. When I saw heard how horrible the weather was I wished I had the option to just go back to bed and stay there. It sounded like there was a typhoon raging around the house - but I think that was down to ordinary heavy rain and a strong wind blowing it straight at my bathroom window, as it didn't look very typhoon-ish when I peered out the front door 2 minutes later (hoping that the street had been flooded, preventing me from getting to work ;-) )

I couldn't be bothered to train again this morning. I was feeling guilty for a minute or two - but then I didn't anymore because my upper back / shoulder was hurting a bit from the weight of the rucksack I brought back from Waitrose yesterday, and that reminded me that I haven't really been as lazy this week as I feel I have. The fact that I haven't worked up a really good gym sweat yet this week doesn't mean I haven't been active...
There was no time for training this evening either because I was stopping at a friend's house on the way home, which meant when I got home I was too hungry to train before dinner, and by the time I'd eaten and waited for my food to settle it was too close to bedtime to be a good idea. And at lunchtime it was just too cold for a walk to be appealing. I will train tomorrow...

Food today:
Breakfast: porridge with whey


Lunch: Roasted roots soup with spelt bread, LC & jam


Dinner: Teriyaki tofu with vegetable stir fry – which I forgot to photograph in my hungry state! Loss of appetite huh? Huh.

Snacks: Fruit with Greek yoghurt; chocolate orange protein bar; Muller Light Orange & dark chocolate yoghurt; a slice of lime madeira cake at my friend’s house – it would’ve been rude not to!!!

Weight; 10 st 1.5lbs (141.5 lbs)

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