Monday, 11 October 2010

Feeling fine…

My Mum & her OH came to visit me to today and we went out for a pub meal.
Due to sleeping badly again last night I was quite tired all day, and didn't manage a walk at lunchtime though I planned to just to get the blood moving! I was definitely going for a walk until literally 2 minutes before I intended to leave, when a great wave of can't be a$$ed came over me - and I didn't! Sometimes you have to listen to your body... I just spent the lunch break reading instead.
M seems to be coming down with the (man) flu so I'm hoping he didn't pass his germs on to me, though I think its likely that he did. Men (no offence guys...) never know what to share and what to keep to themselves.....

Good things today:
#1. A visit from my Mum!
#2. Felt in control even though I knew I was going out to dinner - and didn't know where, or what I would be able to get to eat. Also I wasn't derailed by not training or walking.
#3. Even though I was pretty bored as usual in work I actually feel quite cheerful today. I was running up and down the stairs and even danced an impromptu little jig in the lobby at one point!!! (only after checking there was no-one around to see... ;-) ) I think that was mostly down to good thing 2 - when you've had a bad few weeks, feeling in control is as good as stopping banging your head against the wall...

One thing that didn't entirely go to plan at work today was the food planning side of things. My intended snacks were: an apple with a mini Babybel, and a nectarine.
I forgot the apple, so I switched that and the Babybel for a small protein bar (I could have bought an apple from the sandwich van but she sells the best chewy chocolate cookies in Wiltshire and just because I feel better today I don't see the need to test my self-control unnecessarily) and my nectarine was partly rotten / fermented / whatever you call it... Still, I did a good job of not leading that derail me either, so that was a bit of a triumph of self-control if not of planning!!!

#4. I've been playing the Android app 'Angry Birds' on my mobile phone - its so addictive, and so funny!!!
Food today:

Breakfast: Massive bowl of porridge with whey & summer berries


Lunch: Salsa, chicken & black bean soup made in the slow cooker, with sprouted wheat bread and LC. This isn't the most aesthetically appealing soup I've ever made I know, but it tastes very good and OMG soooo filling!!! I used hot salsa after originally planning to use medium, and I was glad I did since once again most of the heat didn't survive the slow cooking process and I think it might have been bland with the milder kind.


Dinner: Pasta Carbonara with garlic bread & salad. This is a terrible photo, and the food took ages and ages to arrive, but when it did – it was delicious!!! The pub we went to looked a little rough, it was a B&B that houses builders a lot, but they certainly know how to cook! There was nothing healthy on the menu at all, and I knew I wasn’t making the best choice, but it was worth it and then some!


Snacks: small chocolate cookie flavoured protein bar; nectarine

Weight: 9 st 13.4lbs (139.4 lbs)

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  1. I am so glad to read that you are feeling better.