Sunday, 24 October 2010

Damp Saturday

Saturday looked nice in the morning, but became overcast and threatening quite early on. I walked into Chepstow in the morning, and got drizzled on on the way home!


I love the morning light at this time of year…

I still enjoyed a nice morning of browsing shops and sipping a lovely skinny pumpkin latte in the coffee shop – with my favourite snack of course!

Food today:

Breakfast: Cottage cheese griddle cakes with blueberries, served with more blueberries, Greek yoghurt & maple syrup – yum!


Lunch: Massive (very messy) grilled vegetable sandwich


Dinner: Seafood stir fry, made with a medley of frozen raw seafood


Snacks: Yoghurt with summer fruits & granola and a pumpkin latte;


all bran with (for a change!) blueberries!

Weight: 9st 12.4lbs (138.4lbs)

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