Friday, 8 October 2010

Another week gone!

Good things about today:

It's Friday!!!

There is a little room in my freezer so I'll be able to bake soon - I want to make some artisan bread again!

It's Friday!!!

Feeling quite calm and serene today - no urge to binge. In control, in fact!

Did I mention that it's Friday???

New Dominos Pizza just opened near here….. Winking smile

Food today:
Breakfast: Huge bowl of porridge (2 packs of Oatso Simple) with whey, soy milk & fruit - an experiment into larger meals and smaller snacks


Lunch: Huge bowl of soup made by pureeing root vegetables roasted in my slow cooker with vegetable stock, to which I'd added peas & corn for extra bulk; home-made beer bread with LC


Dinner: Small regular crust Vegetarian Supreme pizza with reduced fat cheese; small side salad


Snacks: An apple with a mini babybel; a banana; a sugar free jelly.

Weight: 10 st 1lb (141 lbs)

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