Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Where is my brain today…

What an idiot... I planned to try making a slow-cooked vegetable lasagne for dinner this evening. I did all the prep last night, put the slow cooker inset in the fridge overnight, took it out this morning and placed in the slow cooker.... and forgot to turn it on...  my only excuse is that I was in a hurry due to training this morning before work. Of course that's true most mornings, so its not a very good excuse... Perhaps its because even while making it I was thinking how unlikely it was to be any good! Then I decided to have leftovers, which I didn’t feel really inspired by, and intended to get them out to defrost before walking into town, but didn’t remember to do that either….
My legs are aching quite a lot today, due to all the static lunges and squats in the 30 Day shred yesterday. They felt fine on the elliptical walker this morning, but they don't like stairs much! Luckily I'm willing to get a masochistic satisfaction out of the aches - at least I am today! My shoulders / upper back ache too, so I didn't do any pull ups or chin ups this morning.
I did get a walk this evening after work - I wanted some shopping, and put it off until I could take the time to walk rather than driving. Its a much nicer day today but very windy and not very warm as a result, so I didn't walk in my lunch break, but then I knew I was planning my evening walk and the forecast was OK for it so there was no need.

The walk when I did take it wasn’t one of the best, but it did stay dry the whole time – and I ate blackberries straight off the bush, which is always nice!

Food today:
Breakfast: All bran with berries and half an apple (the other half was bruised, brown and horrible)


and a pre-work protein mocha shake

Lunch: Corn chowder and lite bread with LC


Dinner: Stir fry vegetables with processed meat turkey and cauliflower rice


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with granola; Greek yoghurt with summer berries;


protein bar to keep me going as I walked into town

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  1. Awww no on the slow cooker mishap, I always do daft stuff like that!