Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I found out today that the contract I'm currently on is not being extended due to the company persuading someone to do it as a permie. So in a few weeks I'll be back to the joys of job hunting while unable to go for restorative walks due to it being winter and the weather being rubbish. Ah well, it was (sort of) nice while it lasted. And it won't do me any harm to get away from the vending machines in the hall... Or to make up for the shameful lack of housework since I started working again.
Last night I trained after posting then pigged out on 3 slices of home-made fruit loaf. To say that I've taken my eye off the ball lately is an understatement. I can't seem to find my way back just now and I'm not sure what it is that is making me so greedy - unless it is my body trying to build a nice warm layer of fat now that its suddenly so much cooler here. If so, I'm determined to disappoint it - but I've been telling myself that for the last couple of days without changing my behaviour. Maybe if I just spend all day on the elliptical walker once I finish this job it will help.... Which is a good point, I haven't lost it all together because I'm still getting lots of exercise, my main meals are mostly still under control (ignore the alarming number of takeaways lately when reading that sentence please), its just the snacking that's getting less controlled - and even there, I'm finishing up within calories most of the time (thanks to the exercise and some menu re-planning, but still) and a lot less over than I used to be on bingeing days pretty much all the time. Cling to the positives, Chrissie...
Rain all day in Wiltshire today so I didn't walk at lunchtime. However, my doctor's appointment was this evening so I decided to walk even if it was raining – as it turned out it was quite sunny here in Wales.

I have a prescription now, a low dose of a mild antidepressant. I’ve been warned that it may take 2 weeks to help, and may make me feel worse until then, so if you want to bugger off to a more cheerful blog in the meantime I’ll miss you – but I’ll understand;-)

I actually feel better right now – probably because I am finally doing something about it.

Food today:
Breakfast: All ban with berries & a dollop of Greek yoghurt
Lunch: Chicken, veg & barley soup with a toasted 'sandwich' of lite bread & LC


Dinner: Slow-cooked layered dinner - I put sliced onions, peppers & mushrooms in my new small slow cooker, shoved a potato wrapped in foil and a frozen sirloin steak on top, scattered steakhouse pepper seasoning over everything and added a dash or two of water and Worcestershire sauce, then just left it to cook all day. It was very tasty, the steak was very tender, but as my normal preference is for rare steak I wouldn’t necessarily do it again that way. The potato though, that I would certainly do again!

P1070844 P1070845

After my walk to the doctor I also had a slice of fruit loaf

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with We Are Bear granola (I forgot to take a portion of home-made granola out of the freezer, where I'm storing it because of the fresh banana); Greek yogurt with defrosted fruit; bag of Snack-a-Jacks

Weight: Day 2 of misbehaving led to a depressing 10 st 5 lbs (145 lbs) on the scales. Even though I know I've been bad, I know I haven't been THAT bad, so it didn't bother me - much

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