Monday, 27 September 2010


Sorry I didn't post yesterday, no more calamities or suicidal depressions, just a day that got away from me a bit!
In the morning I'd decided to walk into Chepstow again - I'm going to do so weekly while the weather lasts, so apologies if you're bored by hearing that! My brother came over to walk in with me (he starts a new job with a long commute next week and doesn't expect to have the energy to go for long weekend walks after that!) We chatted all the way into town, had a short wander around and chat, then a coffee at my normal coffee shop (I had a skinny pumpkin latte - never had one before!) before going Tesco shopping and then heading for home. He then stayed for a good chat, and left around 2pm. After he left M and I watched a movie - 'Up in The Air' and enjoyed it a lot, despite the fact that it didn't exactly have a great deal of discernable plot!
By the time the movie finished I had to start prep for dinner, then organising my stuff for the week ahead (I spend large parts of my Sundays weighing out cereal, fruit, etc so that during the week that part of my bag is just grab and go.) So it was a quiet not particularly exciting day apart from a very nice walk on a cold, bright sunny but windy morning, but somehow I never found time to sit down and write a blog post!
Food today:
Breakfast: Steel cut slow cooked oats, with cookies & cream whey & pureed apple mixed in in the morning
Lunch: A very poor effort at spicy baked beans (made by me weeks ago and shoved into the freezer) on toast. I didn't even want to take their picture - so I didn't bother!
Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese - slow cooked sauce - with a salad. Quite nice, but I think I'll add some dried chilli or hot sauce to the other portions!


Snacks: Some healthy banana granola, a protein bar, and a yoghurt/granola/fruit pot at Coffee #1 with my pumpkin latte

P1070832 P1070833

Weight: 10 st 2lbs (142 lbs)

My Mum & her OH came over today to stay the night. It is lovely to see them and we’re having a really good chat! It did mean that I didn't get my evening work out in, but I'm quite willing to miss out on that every now and then to spend time with family! Especially after a monster walk into town yesterday! They brought me home-grown potatoes, onions & tomatoes, and I gave them home-baked berry muffins & fruit loaf.
I spent the whole morning eating and had had my days calorie allowance by lunchtime. I didn't stop then, either... ! I was tired, bored and I don't think I'd eaten enough yesterday for the walk we did. I really felt hungry for a lot of it, although by the end I can't deny I was having thoughts about 'getting it all out of my system' rather than genuinely feeling hunger. Plus I knew I was eating takeaway for dinner and I know I've pointed out the effect that has on my behaviour before the meal - my 'I'm going to be bad so I'd better be even worse' mentality! Plus I'm trying to cut back on caffeine so I couldn't have a cup of coffee to wake myself up, so I guess I went for sugar instead...
Food today:
Breakfast: All bran with berries, soy milk and a dollop of Greek yoghurt
Lunch: Corn chowder with lite bread and LC
Dinner: Takeaway vegetable chow mein
Snacks: Greek yoghurt with granola; Greek yoghurt with fruit


Breakfast: All bran with berries, soy milk and a dollop of Greek yoghurt

Lunch: Baguette from sandwich van and chocolate chip cookie

P1070838 P1070839

Dinner: Takeaway prawn curry with boiled rice


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with granola; Greek yoghurt with fruit; baked apple crisps; small protein bar; apple; Cadbury's Caramel bar; mini eggs * 5,  toast with LC and reduced sugar jam (should have been for lunch but I ate it at 10:20 am)....

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  1. So how was the pumpkin latte? I love pumpkin flavored things. I liked Up in the Air - but I like glacially slow movies with no real plot :-)

    Ah, yet another of us trying to cut back on the caffeine. I'm still suffering the odd headache, but I hope to be over that part soon. I'm cutting off caffeine at noon. Do you have a caffeine goal?