Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Well, I had a lovely time yesterday evening overall (once I recovered from an unbelievably tedious day at work) but it was a bit depressing off and on. My mum's always been very active - she played a lot of badminton when she was younger and used to walk a lot as well - but is now very badly suffering from an osteo-arthritic hip. She's having a hip replacement (hopefully in November) but in the meantime has had to almost completely give up going out (she's a National Trust member and loves walking around the gardens), and is now reduced to only managing her weekly food shops by car. Watching her get up is really painful, she doesn't sleep well, and she walks so slowly its hard to believe how active she was before. I really hope they don't keep her waiting too long for the op and it all goes smoothly... Mum's trying to keep positive about things, but even with all the pain has pretty much constantly she's still dreading the operation and I can't say I blame her. Her sister also has osteoarthritis - so badly she's registered disabled because its in her spine as well as her hips, hands and wrists. I guess all that makes me a likely candidate for the future as well... note to self, eat more salmon & tuna, keep up the exercise... but not too much...
Back to the normal drivel now....
Walked at lunchtime, I thought it would be pretty tedious because its now firmly the wet season here in Wiltshire so I had to stick to the paths and roads rather than exploring over the fields. Given that I didn't even walk yesterday (while stuffing myself with an extra 800 cals on top of my maintenance allowance) I felt I should make the effort anyway, and also to train this evening. In the event there was bright sunshine, which I enjoyed, and I explored a different route, which always helps even when (as today) it ends up taking you somewhere you've been before!  I'm still trying to cut back on the caffeine - I'm not cutting it out altogether because the withdrawal 'ice pick in the skull' headache turns me into a b*tch the scale of which the world could not survive, so for now I'm not drinking anything caffeinated after lunch, and even before that I'm focusing on tea and decaff coffee, both of which I know have small(er) amounts of caffeine compared to coffee. The plan is to cut back on those too over time, not least because unlike my plain black coffees I drink both of them with added calories most of the time - fruit flavoured iced tea (flavoured with fruit juice I mean) or milky decaff - and would prefer to eat those calories rather than drinking them, thanks all the same. If I do weaken on the coffee front I'll be having milky not black, as I've heard that milk reduces the impact of caffeine and even if it doesn't, using the same mug with half of it full of milk definitely will deliver less caffeine. Having said that I did resort to a Pepsi Max this morning because I was feeling so sluggish I wasn't sure I could make it through the morning. (Clients frown on contractors falling asleep on their PCs - so narrow-minded of them....)
Food today:
Breakfast: All bran with berries
Lunch: Corn chowder with lite bread and LC


Dinner: A hodgepodge of leftovers! The situation of my over-full freezer has become critical and I now have to eat leftovers and frozen foods as much as possible - and not cook multiple portions of anything until I've made room for them. So I defrosted a portion of English style curried chicken casserole and a portion of slow-cooked vegetable curry to go with it instead of rice. Plus a little salad. It wasn’t bad, but both curries would have been better with rice!


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with defrosted summer fruits; Greek yoghurt with granola. And a bag of Snack-a-jacks salt & vinegar mini rice cakes.

Didn't weigh today because of yesterday's bingeing behaviour.

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