Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thursday – glad its over

This morning's training was just a 35 minute elliptical session (and 2 pull ups - but I remembered about leaving time to heal and stopped then. I feel slightly ridiculous saying that after doing just a handful of them yesterday, but then I was literally lifting my own body weight (which I don't exactly know but believe to be in the region of 140 - 143 lbs, hopefully not more anyway!!!) and I'm new to any kind of weights so I'm trying to suck it up... because I really don't want to have to stop for longer while a real injury heals)
Slightly worryingly my daily minor headaches seem to be back... they had stopped for a few weeks, but today I've got the third headache in 3 days, and I'm not even trying to cut out caffeine or sugar. I had planned a walk at lunch time today, along the canal again, this time towards the town (last time I went the other way, out into the country) but ended up having to walk to the local shop for some painkillers mid-morning so I shortened my lunchbreak to compensate. Instead of enjoying the sun I was actually wishing for clouds to stop the sun hurting my eyes! The good thing was that for once I didn't want to eat anything naughty - OK that's because I felt a bit sick until the pills took effect, but every cloud has a silver lining... ;-)
I've been thinking about getting a dehydrator - if anyone has one, what do you think of it? I don't plan on switching to a raw diet, but I do like the idea of drying my own fruit (without added sugar like so many commercial brands) and maybe trying to make turkey or salmon jerky; also it would be nice to make kale chips without hovering anxiously over the oven in case of burning! I would only be looking at a fairly basic model, but I need to consider kitchen space as well as usefulness, particularly since I am also planning to get another slow cooker (for days when one slow cooked meal just isn't enough!!!)

Well, my drive home today was disastrous – and all my own fault! As I headed towards the motorway I heard a traffic announcement of an accident that had shut the motorway between junctions 17 and 18 westbound. I join the motorway at J18 and go west – so any one with a working brain cell would have realised that it wouldn’t affect me and might even make my journey easier. I got my head in a twist and drove across country to Chippenham, planning to joint the motorway at J17 to miss the problem. Right. So I was starting after the problem and drove away from home into the traffic jam. Smart. Luckily my GPS saved me and I got home only 40 minutes later than I should have, but feeling really stupid – though I quite enjoyed driving through the villages of The Shoe and Tiddlywink (no kidding – that’s what they’re called – and they’re kind of nice!) Unfortunately M did have to drive through the closed section, and he’s just called me to say he took an hour to travel 1 mile, is still 5 miles from J17, and then still has over 40 mins (in normal traffic on the motorway not backed up traffic on country roads) to go to get home. They’re due to reopen the motorway in a few hours and that might be before he reaches the junction at his current speed. Poor baby, no-one needs that after a day’s work. I suspect someone died in the accident that closed the motorway, so the police have to investigate it which is awful obviously, I’m not comparing being stuck in traffic to that! Apparently people are abandoning their cars on the motorway to find food and shelter in a service station that happens to be just before J17.  God knows when M will get home tonight…

Food today:
Breakfast: All bran with berries - look, blueberries as well today!!! I also had a protein shake made with ice, half a frozen banana, psyllium husks and cookies & cream whey in iced coffee with soy milk. I didn’t snack around my training yesterday morning (yes, I know!!!) and I was hungry all day so I decided to try to stave it off today, though I still trained before eating drinking it


Lunch: Pea, broccoli & mint soup with a toasted ham and cheese sandwich (cooked in the toaster using a toastabag!!!) - it turned out really well after a slow start requiring me to take out half the ham and eat it while I waited because the toaster slots were too narrow for the original sandwich!


Dinner: Smokey white chilli with potatoes served with cauliflower rice and salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with granola; soya 'nuts' – too many as I ate more after dinner out of stress; apple crisps and muller light yoghurt


  1. Traffic jams are the worst! I probably would have done the same thing as you though!

    Hope your Friday is better!


  2. Hi Chrissie, I have this dehydrator... I knew I wasn't going to use it a massive amount when I got it but I was humming and hawing about what I wanted for Christmas so I got this! If you have very limited counter space then I would advise against getting one because if you're not going to use it for lots of different things you'll start to get annoyed at the sight of it! There's no way I'd be able to find space for it in my kitchen as it is at the moment (would hope to do up my kitchen in a few years so I can have lots more counter space for all sorts of nonsensica!!) I have it on the counter my utility room though and it's out of the way. I've definitely resolved to get more use of it - a few weeks ago I bought several punnets of cherry tomatoes on special offer in Aldi and I dehydrated them and they were amazing so if certain fruit and veg were in a glut in your garden or really cheap in the supermarket it can be nice to do something with them. I've made Fitnessista's gingerbread bites before as well and they were lovely. Actually I think I have some buckwheat in the cupboard so may make again..hmmm. I have some flax crackers in there at the moment so curious to see how they will turn am very impatient though so that's not good...the manual for the dehydrator is on that link so you could have a read through it and see what times things are meant to take. It's written in real pidgin English though, very matter of fact!

    Slow cookers are the absolute best! If you're getting great use out of yours, I can see why you would want a second one! And space doesn't have to be as much an issue with them because they can just go in the cupboard with saucepans when not in use.