Monday, 20 September 2010

TGI Monday?!?

I had a rubbish weekend, so I'm going to ignore it and pretend it never happened except for these photos of a few foodie highlights


Skinny caramel frappe-no cream – Saturday morning (too sweet really)


Tapas for lunch in Chepstow – garlic prawns, spicy (except they weren’t)meatballs, potatoes bravas & bread to dip in all the sauces


Dessert – a small slice of cherry cake


Kebab shop vegetable pizza – gorgeous!!! Even M the carnivore thought so!


Singapore chow mein for Sunday dinner – this takeaway, plus all bran with berries & a protein bar, was all I ate on Sunday. I wasn’t feeling the cooking thing obviously, but wasn’t fussed about eating either by then. Of course that didn’t last…

Now a new week, and I was actually not sorry to reach Monday!
I didn't train this morning, or go for a walk at lunch time; I did go on the elliptical walker for 4 minutes after work. I've decided to either forget the morning workout or keep it to 20 mins so I don't feel I have to get up in the middle of the night to start training, it does mean that I need to start being more conscientious about fitting in an evening workout  - I know it might not work this way so I'll try it out and rethink it if I have to. The lack of walk at lunchtime was down to the fact that I was a starving ravening beast by lunch and couldn't motivate myself to walk before eating, but didn't have time to walk afterwards. I don't know why I was so hungry this morning, but my husband reckons its down to the 2 takeaways we. had over the weekend... I think myself it was Monday-itis, which has apparently also infected all the PCs in our house – mine seems to have died, and this one is staggering a bit too, so I haven’t had any blog reading time today and this is my second effort at this post after it crashed while publishing attempt #1
Food today:
Breakfast: All bran with blueberries and strawberries


Lunch: Corn chowder with lite bread (toasted with LC and strawberry jam - reduced sugar)


Dinner: Biz's best buffalo chicken chili (except mine was made with turkey breast instead of chicken. I also substituted green pepper for red because I didn't have any red pepper and used disproportionately more beans - I halved the meat and most other ingredients to halve the recipe but still used a full tin of chilli beans. I intended to add onions (sorry Biz, but I like them!!!) and mushrooms - my favourite low cal bulker for chillies - but forgot to add them both - next time!) There will be a next time, it's a fantastic recipe and when I finish the 5 portions I made I'll try it again with some mushrooms at least. Served with rice and a little salad


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with granola; Greek yoghurt with garden fruits (defrosted from a pack bought at Waitrose) plus some peanut butter, raisins & almonds for the stress of computer nightmare. Have I ever mentioned – I HATE COMPUTERS!!!
Weight: 10 st 2.25lbs (142.25 lbs)

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