Friday, 3 September 2010

TGI Friday

Cut short this morning's training as I had to stop for fuel on the way to work. I did 25 minutes on the exercise bike - 5 miles. Worked up a sweat but didn't feel very satisfied, my spirits seem to require 4 mins of cardio as a minimum to feel like it was worth it, which is, I realise, just silly.
My brain wasn't really switched on while getting my food bag ready last night - I forgot half of my breakfast. I was able to make up the difference but the alternative breakfast was less satisfying so I'd eaten my morning snack by 8:30 am - not good! I ended up eating my afternoon snack in the morning as well, then buying a relatively healthy snack to fill the gap mid-afternoon. Not actually a problem calorically, but I don't like it when stupidity on my part forces me to improvise - its not one of my strengths, and leaves me feeling vulnerable to unhealthy urges (that sounds a lot more interesting than it is, doesn't it - I am just talking about wanting to buy a cookie!!!)

I managed to resist buying sweets while out for my walk by exploring the local area a bit more.


This afternoon I had terrible sugar cravings. I know its probably because I ate a lot of sugar earlier in the week, so I tried to fight it I really did... I did drink soft drinks and then orange juice in the hope that sweeteners or fruit sugars would satisfy the urge... nope.I caved in the end and had 6 mini eggs from the charity dispenser at work.  I wish I could say the cravings instantly disappeared.... But they didn’t, so I had another 6. Then stopped, thankfully.
This place has NO healthy options to speak of at all. I think I need some snacks I can keep in for days like today - not sweet, not high carb in any way, but high protein instead. The trouble is all I can think of is babybel cheeses in the fridge in the kitchen or tinned meat / fish - I don't like tinned meats, and fish is a bit too smelly. The main thing is they have to be as non-perishable as possible because I don't want to wind up eating them to use them up and then having to replace them, they need to just sit there indefinitely or until I want them, and I don’t think that such a thing exists... I used to eat jerky but these days it actually feels like it burns my mouth because of the salt level, so that's out too. AARRGGH. Work really gets in the way of healthy living....

Do I seem to be annoyingly banging on about the things I want to eat? I feel like I am, but I can’t help it – that’s about all I can think of in the quiet times at work!!!

Food today:
Breakfast: All bran with a small apple and tiny pear - yep, I forgot the berries. I had the apple here at work from my birthday when I discarded it in favour of large quantities of fat, and the pear was one of a home-grown bag brought in by a colleague to give away.

Lunch: Big feta & hard boiled egg salad with a couple of small slices of beer bread spread with LC


Dinner: Portobello mushroom & halloumi cheese marinated in Nando's peri peri sauce and grilled, with grilled vegetables and salad

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with granola; soy nuts and popcorn; another flavoured yoghurt mid-afternoon


Still not weighing, not really missing it either - although if I'm up tomorrow (as is likely given the laziness of my digestive system) I'm going to start panicking again, knowing me...


  1. How about keeping some nuts at work? I know they're not low cal but they're satisfying.. Is there a freezer you could keep some snacks in?

  2. Maybe keep a selection of bars (healthy bars like Clif bars or Nakd bars...? or you could make your own higher protein ones. Blitz some nuts and some dried fruit and SMOOOSH them into bar shapes (and add protein powder if you want to boost the protein count). They could be wrapped up and would keep nicely in a fridge.

    Belated happy birthday btw :)