Saturday, 25 September 2010


Busy busy… shopping, walking, shopping, laundry… I actually almost had a lie in this morning – didn’t get up until 5:50 am!!!

It was actually bordering on cold this morning when I went to Tesco. And my walk – into town – was sunny but cool, and pleasantly lacking sweatiness so that was fairly nice.

When I got home I made some granola based on a recipe I found on dietgirl’s blog. It isn’t quite sweet enough for my taste, but that’s because I had a smallish banana. I made about 11 portions, and expect it to grow on me anyway, as most things that I expect to be sweeter than they are generally do.

This afternoon we watched a Bruce Willis movie called Surrogates. We’d seen some dodgy reviews, but we both enjoyed it – a nice surprise when that happens – although the world they lived in at the start of the movie was very bleak and dystopic.

Food today:


Steel cut oats cooked in the slow cooker, mixed with cookies & cream whey and pureed apple this morning. Not at all bad!


Lunch: Grilled vegetable sandwiches


Dinner: Quorn cottage cheese with roasted vegetables. I was supposed to have that yesterday, but the takeaway kebab proved more tempting at the time.


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with homemade granola, strawberries & blueberries;


Chocolate mint protein bar (not bad, but not as good as the vanilla flavour); a small snack pack of dried dates. Oh yes, and a plum.

Weight: 10 st 3lbs (143 lbs) – all that meat yesterday!

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